About Pepper’s Jerk Center

Pepper’s Jerk Center is located near the heart of Falmouth in Trelawny parish, Jamaica. It is owned and operated by a son of Falmouth, Clint ‘Top Man’ Rennie.

if you are in Jamaica and want to know there to get the best jerked chicken in Falmouth, look nowhere else but to 20 Duke Street.

Peppers started out as a struggling restaurant and bar and the former owner approached the popular and charismatic Clint Rennie to take over the establishment. The rest has been history as a combination of good management and the opening of the Falmouth Port, has seen the restaurant blossom into a favourite eating spot for locals and foreigners alike.

The food is prepared on a smoked grill, preserving the real country style jerked chicken and pork that originated in Portland parish. Rennie’s taste for food has led him to choose his chef well. The chef has prepared his own proprietary line of jerked sauce to give his food an edge over competitors.

The location was a former slave quarters and Peppers aims to preserve that ancient Jamaican atmosphere, while you consume the old Jamaican food flavour.

Peppers is not only about jerk, and you can get other local Jamaican favourites at Pepper’s Jerk Center. Check out our menu!